to Teach Role Play Tricks to Indian Cam Girls

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - The desire for sensuous video chat sessions within a setting has been prevalent in most young Indian men. Riding on the demand for role playing models, has now decided to teach role playing skills and tactics to their models. Until now, the Indian cam girls at the site would be happy to comply with the requests of customers, but did not have any distinct skills in playing different roles. This is said to be one of the reasons most customers were writing to the site and demanding such services. The company has still not disclosed the mode of training that will be provided to models, but the customers have already started guessing.

There are different models that the company might adopt. While some junior staff working at the company believe that the girls will be shown role playing videos and will adapt likewise, most seniors believe that there will be integrated training and a professional trainer might be recruited. Sources suggest that the website is already holding preliminary talks with a trainer from Russia. Irrespective of the mode of training, it is certain that the customers and regular visitors of the website are in for pure delight.

Among the requests that customers frequently made to the company officials, the roles of ticket collectors, co-passengers and policewomen have been highly desired, a source has revealed. Whether these roles will also be on the hit list of the training is still beings peculated over. The website may also decide to create a separate section for visitors who wish to interact with role playing models. The casting manager of the website has said: “We are in the initial stage of the process. The decision to include role play has been taken and we are committed to making this happen. But the mode of training and the numbers of model we might dedicate to the section are being decided by the top management as we speak.”

“We will keep our customers informed about the developments in the training and the service may roll anytime within the next two months.”

About the company is a dedicated Indian adult video chat service that will soon roll out role playing model services.

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