Danish Apple Photography to represent Interfit Photographic as a Brand Ambassador

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Hampshire, UK - Danish Apple Photography is pleased to announce that Jakob Appel Gronkjaer has been selected as a Brand Ambassador for Interfit Photographic Ltd.

The nature of Jakob’s varied creative works, as well as his enthusiasm to share knowledge and experience, makes the relationship with Interfit Photographic, who manufacture a vast array of lighting equipment and photographic accessories, a perfect fit.

Jakob said: “I am very proud to be associated with the Interfit brand, who have long been recognised as the go-to brand for affordable, high-quality photographic tools. Their latest developments such as the S1 monolight, and highly portable lithium-powered Pro-flashes, show they are constantly challenging the status quo of accepted limitations of equipment.”

Until now, Interfit has worked exclusively with Brand Ambassadors in the US. The scheme is a mutual collaboration between photographers and Interfit, designed to promote the photographer’s creative works, developed and enhanced with the use of Interfit products.

Jakob added: “Interfit’s innovation expands my options significantly for adding creativity to an image quickly and easily. I look forward to being able to share this and demonstrating the benefits to other photographers.”

About Danish Apple Photography

Jakob Appel Gronkjaer heads up Danish Apple Photography, a husband and wife team focusing mainly on weddings, fitness and commercial fashion photography. They have shot dozens of weddings, worked with world champion bodybuilders and photographed all across Europe, including the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic and Denmark with a style as varied as their coverage. www.danishapple.com

About Interfit Photographic

Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 with simple goals and a single minded focus: to develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photographers of all skill levels to expand their creativity and realize their aspiration to consistently create meaningful images, all at an affordable price. www.interfitphotographic.com

Jakob Appel Gronkjaer
Danish Apple Photography
Tel: +44 (0)7590 679 446
Email: Info@danishapple.com
Web: www.danishapple.com

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