Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK Expands Services List

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Announcing new services offered by Eyelash Extension Exeter mobile beauty service.

January 24, 2016. Announcing Eyelash Extension Exeter UK new services which expand its list of services offered via mobile beautician services. Eyelash Extension Exeter UK now offers LVL lash lift and 3D brow lifting two services that aims to improve and enhance the appearance of customers in the area. These new services are a part of the company’s aim to become the premier authority in eyelash extensions, faux lashes, lash lift and 3D brow lifting in the UK Devon area.

Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK offers LVL Enhance / LVL lash lift which is a treatment that straightens the natural eyelashes from the root with an added tint with amazing instant results. This procedure is recommended for customers who would like to improve the beauty and appearance of their lashes minus regular maintenance.
3D Brow Building on the other hand is a procedure that reconstructs the eyebrows completely. Instead of using brow liners or temporary makeup to enhance the eyebrows, Brow Building creates fullness and definition that is unachievable using regular grooming techniques. This is recommended for people that have over – plucked their eyebrows, who are not satisfied with the shape and appearance of their natural eyebrows and those that have suffered from a medical or health condition. 3D Brow Building will be able to create sleek and full eyebrows that look natural and well-groomed as well.

These two techniques are among the most updated beauty strategies available for consumer use. Experts from Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK has top of the line equipment and efficient training to be able to serve customers on a daily basis. Customers are recommended to call to make an appointment. And since this company offers mobile beautician services, customers don’t have to visit a location or to leave home to get their eyebrows and eyelashes prepped.

Owner Kristi Gailan has a few words regarding their new services, “We are proud to bring new services to Exeter beauty market: LVL lash lift is now the hottest trend in the eyelash industry – allows luscious lifted lashes that will last for weeks, in the blink of an eye. Revolutionary 3D brow building is a completely new treatment in the beauty industry. It allows us to completely reconstruct your eyebrows.”

For more information about Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK services visit their official site http://www.sleekandbeautiful.com . Interested customers may also call +44 -752 – 331- 2141 or email at info@sleekandbeautiful.com
About Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK: Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK was founded in May 2014 by Kristi Gailan for one simple reason – Kristi Gailan had grown up longing for longer, thicker and natural- looking eyelashes that didn’t damage her own lashes and were easy to maintain. She had fallen in love with the concept of “semi-permanent” lashes and wanted to make them available to women across Devon, UK. Kristi is fully certified freelance and mobile beauty therapist and beautician. She is a perfectionist by nature. With a little help of Calamus Enterprises(http://www.calamus-enterprises.com/) the business is booming and expanding rapidly. For more information about Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK check their official site http://www.sleekandbeautiful.com or call +44 -752 – 331- 2141 or email at info@sleekandbeautiful.com .

Kristi Gailan
Phone: +44 -752 – 331- 2141
Mailing address: 14 Brooks Warren Cranbrook
Exeter, EX5 7AJ
Devon, United Kingdom

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