Resume Games Targets Asian Gaming Market with Asiaregistry

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February 2, 2016: video gaming market growth over the past years has been enormous. The pc games are becoming a substantial factor in day-to-day time consumption. Not only youngsters but person of various age groups are actively playing video and pc games.

Resume Games, with launch if it’s platform in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, is targeting a so far untapped gamers segment: gamers in Asia and pacific.

The pc game digital sales platform is joining up with Asiaregistry to focus on gaming markets in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Dmitry Fedotov, CEO of Resume Games, said in an interview "We see enormous potential in these markets and unjustified lack of attention to gamers. With our new partner we intend to tap into local gaming communities and deliver them same level of service that the US and European gamers enjoy."

Resume Games operates a catalog with over 17'000 titles available for digital purchase and download from publishers such as Aspyr, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Paradox Interactive, Warner Brothers, Bethesda and more.

Resume Games China and Asia offers the right gaming content, to meet the increasing demands of the local customers. The types of games are different, languages are relevant, payment options are of essense. You can always enjoy funny games, along with great animations and proper playing techniques. For more information please visit

About The Company:
Resume Games is one of the largest digital distribution platforms for gaming content in Asia. With over 17’000 titles and counting Resume Games offers pc games for every taste at great price.

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Business/Company Name: RESUME GAMES GROUP


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