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February 3, 2016: Spinal Missions is a non-profit organization of chiropractic medical doctors, students, and others that have a very strong desire to help people of poor countries in handling health care issues. Dr. Shannon Darrow, the fortuitous founder of Spinal Missions has been very lucky to have traveled worldwide as a child, a student, in business and philanthropically.

One thing that has always astonished her is the innocence and joyfulness that dwell inside kids even in very poor or unclean conditions. In a recent trip to El Salvador, Dr. Shannon took part in the donation of simple three soccer balls to 350 school children where there is no sporting equipment and opted to abstain from any sports because of it.

She observed the absolute pure excitement these children exuded from three soccer balls which was really hard to put into words. They were jumping out of satisfaction and could not contain their happiness. It was then that she came up with the thought of donating new and already used sporting equipment to children who have absolutely no other ways of getting sporting goods. This equipment will not only give happiness to children who deserve it but will also help to develop healthy way of life.

The point that has impressed Dr. Shannon in this process of developing Spinal Missions: Sports Drive is the enthusiasm of people to come out of their everyday schedules and give their skills, talents, contributions and time. Spinal Missions: Sports Drive has been honored with these blessings and is extremely thankful for all the support. This thrilling and genuinely impactful mission will change the lives of men, women and youngsters and will bring families together.

About The Company:
Spinal Missions: Sports Drive is a mission dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and communities by being able to provide them with sporting goods and school supplies. Please consider donating your gently used sports supplies and school supplies to those in need.

Contact Details:
Dr. Shannon B Darrow
Executive Director
Spinal Missions
170 Boulevard SE E224
Atlanta, GA 30312


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