Crowdfunding Campaign for Greek-Style Micronation Launched

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A crowdfunding campaign has been launched with the aim of creating Chloropolis, an ancient Greek style micronation to the likes of ancient Athens or Delphi, with environmentally friendly materials and run on green energy


January 29, 2016 – Chloropolis, a modern-day ancient Greek style micronation, similar to Delphi, ancient Athens, or Olympia, is now the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The concept is to create a utopian city-state which may be located on a parcel of land or an island. Opportunities for people include a vacation spot or permanent place to live, while virtual citizens will be able to enjoy the benefits without traveling.

The concept began with an interest in Greek philosophers, books, works, and culture and the idea of what living in those times was like, with access to modern technology. Two main phases make up the project.

• Phase I: Crowdfunding will provide the resources to build a community in real life and the virtual world, purchase land or an island, and construct a few buildings. From this base, other initiatives will help the team work towards its goals.

• Phase II: A vibrant city center will be built. Elements will include a Greek-style Senate plus temples, a theatre, marketplace, and arena. The center will be surrounded by houses, schools, farms, stables, and more, with an Acropolis overlooking the city from a hill or cliff. Everything will be built with environmentally friendly materials and run on renewable, green energy.

Other Greek Elements

While run on renewable energy, Chloropolis will feature various other aspects of a Greek city, making it as realistic as possible.

• Temple Square: Two big temples, at a minimum, will be placed in Chloropolis, including one for a Patron God and one for financial contributors. Smaller ones will be spread out through the city as well. If one contributes over a certain level, they may get a statue which will go in the temple for campaign backers.

• Olympics: To be held every two years, Olympic games will enable citizens to complete against one another in various categories. They will have the opportunity to compete against other nations for championships and medals. These games will be modeled on the historic Greek gamesexcept competitors will have appropriate sports attire.

• Academy: An education building will feature guest speakers in many subjects, including science, astronomy, and theology. A course in traditional Greek philosophy will be provided as well.

A Living Experience

A democracy will be run in this Greek-style micronation. Citizens will vote on a flag, members of the Senate, and method of currency. The focus will be on community and also green living. One of the aspects of Chloropolis will be research on renewable energy and green practices.


• Patron God: A $3 USD contribution gives the backer a chance to vote on a patron god, or receive updates on Twitter or Instagram.
• Patron/Twitter: A $5 USD contribution gets one a vote and Twitter/Instagram follow.
• Citizen: A $10 USD contribution gets the backer a city key ring with the city logo.
• Premium T-shirt: A $25 contribution gets one a soft-fabric, white or black t-shirt with Chloropolis logo.
• Polo shirt: With a $50 contribution, get a polo shirt with the city name and embroidered leaf.

• Hoodie: A $75 contribution will get the backer a white, black, or navy blue hoodie.
• Chloropolis flag: With a $100 contribution.
• City Council Member: Contribute $500 and become an official Chloropolis City Council member.

The Chloropolis crowdfunding campaign is going on now and ends March 15, with a goal of $2,000,000 USD. To learn more and contribute to this ambitious and poignant project, go to


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