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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - February 3, 2016 – 360Pips, an automated expert forex trader, uses automated software that trades for you using a forex scalping strategy to guarantee healthy returns & to rack up your profits.

Forex is the global foreign exchange market that has gained huge popularity in the recent years. The market involves buying, selling & exchange of major world currencies at specified rates. Banks, Central Banks, Corporations & Individual investors make lots of profit in this line of business & also enjoy the many benefits that come along.

The popularity of forex robots has also increased greatly in the recent times. These automated systems enter orders and generate returns according to their design mathematics placed by their creators. They clearly possess advantages over a human operation where the human factors don’t interfere with your trades. Thus, there will be no emotional response to the market changes. But as many advantages they may possess, it all comes to the creators who are designing them. If the software designers are not experts in forex trades, then it will yield lower returns and losses.

Often, people get really frustrated and tired with earning no yield on the bank deposits, or simply end up with very low returns. To free you from these drawbacks, 360pips is your best forex ea, designed by experts who have many years of knowledge and experience. You have no human intervention, which means no chance of any human error, corruption, or any middle-men misguidance. You can run a 60 day no risk demo account until you are sure of making profits before you start dumping your money.

Scalping is based on a set of real-time analysis & this scalping ea software has the most complex form of algorithms and tracking ability which works 24/7 to monitor the ever changing complex market, automatically buying and selling currency for you at the right time. If your computer or laptop power goes out, your system will automatically resume normal trading when the power is restored. This is the best forex robot that will help you make profits. People who are using 360PIPS have been very happy using this software which has proven to be very beneficial for them. Many stated that they got very high returns than their expectations and doubled their money within few days only. To learn more about 360PIPS, visit http://www.360pips.com/

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