Difference Between Tantric and Erotic Massage

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Difference Between Tantric and Erotic Massage, February 05.02.2016 - Are you thinking of taking a body massage but not sure which one to choose whether a tantric or an erotic massage? Massage is basically all about inducing orgasm to get ultimate pleasure of body and mind. Whether you wish to take an erotic body massage or tantric massage, you will experience a unique sensual pleasure.

However, there is difference between tantric massage and erotic massage; erotic message involves manipulation of the sexual body parts of a person using sensual touch of hands, body and even mouth. It aims to heighten the level of arousal by stimulating many erotic zones of human body and tempering the erogenous zones. This massage is performed on both side of human body front and back for a large amount of time relaxing body and mind. Erotic Massage works great for releasing tension and enhances knowledge of sexuality.

On the other hand tantric massage does not includes full on touching of sexual organs but it performs a sexual act by sexually experienced actors. This type of massage is actually a plain massage of a person that helps to grow up spiritually by pampering a pleasurable sensual massage by trained tantric massage professional.

According to Hindus, Tantra is all about attaining personal growth through pleasure of body. The tantric massage was basically created with a belief that if people are sexually happy then it benefits our health as well. This type of massages has a tendency to create orgasm but creating orgasm is not the aim of the massage. Usually people those have tantric massage are less prone to heart diseases.

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