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February 8, 2016: In today’s business world, companies of all sizes continuously need to protect and check all forms of technology, ensuring that company information is secured. In the climate of constant risks, protecting your cyber space is no longer a requirement but absolutely essential. Cyber security relates to information technology security, which targets on protecting networks, computers programs and data from unauthorized access.

Cyber security consulting is a useful business service that can create a genuine difference to the data security of an organization. With the rising incident of cyber-attacks and data breaches, more and more companies find that using information security consulting services is a real investment for the future of the business. Night Lion Security is a cyber security and penetration testing services provider, based in St. Louis and New York City that helps businesses proactively to fight against cyber threats.

It is an information security consulting firm, providing network, website and IT Risk Management services, Digital Forensic Investigations, and Emergency Incident Response. Their objective is to help to diminish the risk of a security breach by giving services to help you to take a positive way of securing your important data.

“To help small and medium sized businesses against cyber criminals, Night Lion Security is now providing a managed security program created to constantly monitor and increase the security of their infrastructure, while giving the monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting required to meet regulatory compliance requirements.” said Troia. The most significant threat to business cyber security right now is the rapidly spreading Wordpress malware. Night Lion Security also offers malware identification and removal services to protect your businesses and business websites from being infected with malware.

About The Company:
Night Lion Security is an Information Security Consulting Firm that specializes in providing network and website security audits, IT security risk assessments, and advanced expert-level penetration testing. The ultimate goal of the company is to reduce your risk of a security breach by providing services to help you take a proactive approach towards securing your critical data. In the event of a security breach, they also provide digital forensic investigations, and a 24/7 emergency incident response hotline at 1-844-HACK-911. Night Lion Security is regularly featured to provide expert security opinions on major TV news networks including as ABC, CNBC, Fox, NBC, and CBS. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please give a call at 314-669-6569.

Contact Details:
Phone No.: 314-669-6569


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