The Product Startup, Your Guide to Getting There

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Building a product from the ground up is rewarding. Products can save us time, bring us joy and solve our frustrations. Successful products can leave a lasting impact and make people's lives easier all over the world. Many of us have great ideas but lack the direction to convert them into products.

Filip Valica, the founder of, shows how anyone can turn their ideas into marketable products. Filip helps people who are stuck and puts them on the right track. He has compiled step-by-step proven advice to achieve results. How? "The availability of consumer data, rapid prototyping and computer design tools, crowdfunding and simplified e-commerce makes Do It Yourself (DIY) product development much more accessible today." Filip provides free tips to make the most of your investment and time. Apply lessons he's learned from working for entrepreneurs and large corporations and avoid mistakes. Learn how to use the latest technologies to bring your ideas to market all by yourself.

The website is a good resource if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I turn my idea into a product ?" Filip clarifies that The Product Startup is not a design or invention company. "You get to keep control of your ideas and develop them at your own pace. I teach the same proven techniques that companies use to bring their products to market." His advice is based on over a decade of successes and failures while designing, testing, and building products for others. Through the site, inventors get help take their next step with more confidence. They also learn from other industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Having worked for a wide range of companies, Filip believes that products take a similar path from concept to production. "I am committed to helping anyone, whether they are just starting out with an idea or they are already selling a product. Sometimes it just takes a push in the right direction to keep from spinning your wheels." Though no one should expect overnight success, this approach has been successful in bringing ideas to market for other small business owners and companies.

About The Product Startup
Founded by Filip Valica, the site helps anyone turn their ideas into products. Entrepreneurs can see where they are on the path and learn what they need to do to take the next step.

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