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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - SAO PAULO BRAZIL, February 8, 2016 – A pump manufacturing company Grabe Pumps And Industrial Equipment Ltd. is manufacturing highest of quality bomba dosadora for Brazilian Homes.

Brazil is a beautiful vast country, which is very popular for its world class beaches, the statue of Christ on top of Mt. Corcovado, the fun-loving people, samba & the carnivals. There are more than 200 million people living in this vast country and there had been a huge demand for fluid handling pumps within the Brazilian households. One study found that the global demand for fluid handling accessories had been increasing every year, especially in Central and South America. In the year 2013, there had been a huge increase in demand for pumps, compressors, valves in Brazil. This had been as a result of high production in automobiles within the country and huge investments in the oil and natural gas reserves. This has resulted in huge demand for the fluid control accessories market. Whether it is bomba tambor, electric or air-powered drums, bomba rotativa, hand pump etc, fluid handling has become widespread in the country.

Grabe Pumps And Industrial Equipment Ltd is a Brazilian pump manufacturer. The company is founded by professionals who have more than twenty years of experience in the field of pump manufacture and engineering. The company produces all sorts of a manual pump, drum pump, rotary pump etc for better fluid handling and flow. Most of the households clean their vehicles & a lot of soap water or lightweight oils are used. Drum pumps are used for unloading barrels or drums and some of them have advantages with higher speed and control heavier fluids. Motorized drums can unload 50, 100 & even 200-liter drums very safely and easily. Bomba Manual can also be used to pump up to 200-liter drums when you need to empty one or two barrels a day. The company makes sure for better pumping, filtration, treatment and control of fluids. They manufacture their pumps in 5200-meter square area, with their own machinery with the best technology to offer a competitively priced product to satisfy the customers. To learn more about the products of Grabe Pumps And Industrial Equipment Ltd, please visit

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Phone: (11) 31835140

Official Address: Rua José Soave, 88 - CEP: 13255-100 - Esther Quarter - Itatiba / SP

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