LLG Enterprises Announces Their New Toolplicity Multitool

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A 2015 survey suggests that people are camping to build emotional connections and relationships with family and friends. 54% of the campers surveyed suggested that camping improves family relationships, 55% pointed out they were reconnecting with nature and another 55% stated that reducing stress was a key factor. In the American Camper Report, 87% of the participants said they camp just because they enjoy it. So it appears that camping is here to stay.

While camping, it has been found essential to pack tools and a flashlight for safety reasons. Several campers and hikers noted it can be burdensome to carry a large set of tools increasing the weight of a backpack. Having a quality multitool would seem to be the smarter decision.

Here are some tips for properly packing a backpack:

- Know the difference between what is vital to have and what is desired.
- Lay out all of the gear – Backpack and items to take, prioritizing vital items first.
- Pack in this order: Tent/sleeping bag in the bottom; a canister of food in the middle positioned closest to the person’s back for good weight distribution; clothes around the canister of food; and items for quick access on top such as a multitool, sunblock, map and compass.

When camping or backpacking, its best to carry a good quality multi tool plier that contains a knife, saw, screwdrivers, can and bottle opener that fits into a sturdy sheath. A multi-tool has also been found to be very useful in case of unexpected car repairs while out on the road or in an emergency situation. A recommended Multitool would be the Toolplicity Multitool by LLG Enterprises available for purchase on Amazon.

If the trends of 2015 are anything to go by, camping will continue to be a major form of stress release and an inexpensive way to vacation so be prepared.

Lisa Germano
Company: LLG Enterprises
Address: 3133 Williamsburg Dr., Ste. 3, San Jose, CA 95117
Phone: (408) 394-1959
Email: Toolplicity@gmail.com
URL: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018TEOCNE

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