Sorry boys: Survey reveals more women want their partners to groom

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK, February 12, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - You may well raise a perfectly groomed/not so perfectly groomed brow at our latest survey, but it would seem the fairer sex are no longer content with the au natural man.

With the buzz of Valentine's Day in the air, beauty salons are experiencing their yearly influx in waxing salon appointments, but if women get their way they won't be the only ones enduring pain for the sake of love.

Plucking the most staggering statistic from our survey, a whopping 75% of women would like their partners to groom their pubic hair – a surprising seven per cent higher than men – yet with only 55% of men acting on this, it seems they are falling short (and curly).

Of course, women are by no means exempt from all the fuzz about body hair, with 68% of men preferring their partners to undertake some kind of grooming and, luckily for them, the survey reveals that an average 82% groom their nether regions to some extent – whether trimming, styling or going the full Brazilian.

Our tongue-in-cheek survey (the full figures of which are below) aims to give a general idea of our grooming preferences to shave you from the potentially awkward questions not really appropriate for a first date (hey, we're not judging!).

So whether it's a clip, trim, tweeze, shave or wax – lie back and think of England. Regardless of gender, it seems your date will thank you for it J

The figures in full:
· Women who groom 82%
· Males who groom 55%
· Women who want their male partners to groom 75%
· Males who want their female partners to groom 68%

Of the women who groom:
· 40% go for full hair removal
· 15% style
· 44% trim

Of the women who want their partners to groom:
· 26% prefer full hair removal
· 14% prefer styled
· 60% are happy with a trim

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