Now you can discover personalised strategies on relaxing your mind, and the astounding benefits of doing so

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Seasoned practitioners of meditation, public speakers and facilitators Jim Ryan and Simon Ralph collaborate to bring you an easy to follow, step-by-step guide of How to Relax Your Mind. Both Jim and Simon are deeply interested in the human mind and consciousness, and their 10 Best Ways, complete with powerful affirmations for positive self-transformation is a must-read for 2016 and beyond.

If you are genuinely interested in freeing yourself from tension and knowing how to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression, and how to feel truly at ease and relaxed with yourself, then this book is a must-read.

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways is a straight forward, no nonsense approach to changing the way you experience your life. Each chapter deals with a crucial element of your life that can be vastly improved by understanding a few simple concept and awareness’s. This book is presented in bite-sized chunks of wisdom, which can be easily implemented into the most complexed of lifestyles. It is a beautiful resource, and a reservoir of inspiration for approaching the daily, complicated situations we can often find ourselves in. Challenges, decisions, problems, difficult people, health issues, getting things done, commuting, it goes on and on. This book will show you clear and effective ways to deal with these issues. If you want to change your life but don’t know how, then here’s a good place to start. All this is only possible when you have a relaxed mind.

Inside this book you will find personalised strategies on relaxing the mind, and the benefits of doing so. This is training for your mind, your most powerful tool, enabling it to unfold and blossom. When these guidelines are applied regularly, positive transformation is inevitable within your life. Peace becomes your natural nature, and life becomes a game again, in the same way it was when you were a child.

Learn how to replace negative thoughts and emotions, and become energised, empowered and confident. This new mind-set pattern helps you to break old belief systems and to become happier, healthier and more relaxed in your life. Peace and relaxation cannot be achieved in the outside world unless we master our minds, and develop a level of peace on the inside first.

Chapters include, ways of dealing with fear, making effective decisions, relationships and family, keeping your mind relaxed at work, your health, communication, avoiding stress, experiencing happiness, overcoming anger and enjoying life.

This user-friendly, How-to Guide, can be applied in your relationships, at work, or when dealing with fear. It will show you clear and effective ways to deal with stress, tension and anxiety that we hold onto in our minds. If you want to change your life but don’t know how, then here’s a good place to start. All this is only possible when you have a relaxed mind.

Through The 10 Best Ways, you will gain new, clear and insightful approaches that will give you confidence, strength and a new, deeper awareness. For more information, contact Simon Ralph 0044 7970 147967

About How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways
A complete and concise, simple, accretive and succinct, effective and memorable guide book on how to survive and thrive in an increasingly stressful world. Headquartered in London, UK, Eternal Point Publishers is committed to the interests of anyone focusing on self-transformation, with products available in North America, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, as well as on the Internet. For additional information please visit our website at:-

Congratulations - this is a really fine piece of work. It benefits from the co-authorship – Simon’s easiness, and Jim's disciplined lightness. It is friendly, clear, well structured, rich in wisdom, and with good quotes. I like the cover, too. What more to say?

Neville Hodgkinson (former Science Editor Times)

Simon Ralph
How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways
Eternal Point Publishers
0044 7970 147967


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