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BGS Global on Amazon now sells an essential oil diffuser aromatherapy necklace set by PureMist. The set contains two complete pendants and chains, one with an antique silver finish and the other with an antique bronze finish, along with 5 Felt pads. The person wearing the pendants can enjoy all the benefits of an aromatherapy diffuser necklace at any given place and at any given point of time. The user can enjoy his or her favorite essential oil aromas whenever he or she wears a Pure Mist aromatherapy oils pendant.

One gift box contains a set of two beautiful antique necklaces. The user can mix and match with antique silver and antique bronze pendants. These would look really elegant with any kind of outfit. The Pure Mist pendants are versatile and can suit any kind of occasion. The user can wear the Pure Mist pendants while attending a wedding or even when taking his or her dog out for a walk.
They will not look out of the place and suit every occasion.

The pendants are also very easy to use. All that one needs to do is to just place one cotton pad inside the pendant and then add a few drops of his or her favorite Doterra, Young Living or other brand essential oil to the pad. Once the drops of oil are added to the pad, the pendant needs to be closed. One can then enjoy his or her favorite aromas wherever he or she goes.

This would also serve as an ideal gift idea, especially for women. These make delightful and unique antique jewelry wellness presents for girlfriends, moms, friends and loved ones. One also receives bonus accessories on purchase of this item; each essential oil diffusing necklace pendant locket comes with a 30 inch chain with lobster claw and five diffusing felt pads.

One of the major advantage of using Pure Mist's antique silver and bronze aromatherapy pendants and necklaces is that one does not have to be confined to using electric or heat essential oil diffusers to receive the benefits. The Pure Mist's aromatherapy pendants also make a great substitute to wearing perfume. Apart from looking elegant and emitting an amazing aroma, the pendants also come with a lot of health benefits.

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PureMist provides you with the benefits of an aromatherapy diffuser necklace wherever you go.

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