New Service Cuts out Lawyer Meetings

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Napier, New Zealand, February 17, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Launched last month, the conveyonline service has already had a rapid uptake, helping people buying and selling their houses through the legals of that process without ever needing to step foot in a law firm.

With a competitive fee structure, the service lets users upload their information and relevant documentation straight to the website and interact with knowledgeable, kiwi support staff through a chat function if they choose.

The customer can rest assured that a top team of lawyers then complete their transaction, communicating only as much as needed, without requiring a face to face meeting.

Founder, Jamie Twigg, who spent five years as a lawyer himself before turning his attention to online services, states:

"I was incredibly frustrated as a lawyer at how slowly the industry evolves. Everything was so old school and there was never any really desire to move things into the consumer focused tech world. With conveyonline I hope to start this online revolution, cutting out some of the more archaic legal processes and streamlining them for a younger audience."

No more trying to fit in lawyers meetings around a busy work day. No more paying exorbitant big city conveyancing fees. And most importantly, no more hassle in finalising that sale and purchase.

If you have any queries about conveyonline, we are always happy to help and check the email address religiously.

Press Contact:
Jamie Twigg
Apt 207/1 Lever Street Ahuriri 4110
022 635 8062

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