Art By Hue Lets Users Search for Artwork by Any Color

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - New website utilizes a unique search engine allowing users to find art prints and originals from online suppliers matching their exact decor colors.

February 11, 2016 – Art By Hue ( has launched and enables users to search for works of art that match their home décor. The site integrates a color search engine that enables visitors to use various criteria to find matching artwork. Several options appear when one clicks on “Pick My Color”. Once the desired names and values are entered and the search is initiated, matching items linking to the product page from the respective supplier appear. The quantity and scope of available art means most colors return a significant number of results.

The provided search screen offers a sophisticated array of options that lets people search by a preset paint color or more technical aspects of color. People have the option of:

• Entering the color name, number, manufacturer or retailer name at the top of the screen. Matching colors are previewed in a dropdown for selection.
• Picking a custom color from the circular diagram.
• Typing in the Hex # or R, G, or B values in the appropriate fields.

A Search Engine Built for Results

The Art By Hue search engine includes results from multiple sites. With a range of sources and the ability to choose preset colors from various paint manufacturers, users have many opportunities to find colors that match their décor. People can also pick the paint color of their home and search against matching works of art.

Each matching art item is an image with an affiliate link. Clicking the image takes the visitor to the dealer’s site. Prices are listed on Art By Hue although the actual price will vary based on the size and other options the customer chooses. Art is available from larger dealers but much of the work displayed is directly from independent artists. Designs are usually for wall paintings but, depending on the supplier, the art work may be available printed on pillows, tapestries, and other products.

Color Search for Art

The website’s color search for art feature is more expansive than most other color search tools. Print and canvas items are available from sites Art By Hue has partnered with. An algorithm is used to identify the prevalent colors. These colors are stored in a database where they are indexed to make it quick to retrieve matching items.The identifying red, green, and blue elements in digital color make it easier to find home artwork by color. Color adjustments can be made on the site to find subtle variations, as matches are conducted based on small tolerances.

For more details and to start search for art by color, go to

About Art By Hue

Art By Hue is a website with a search engine for images and colors. The site uses a search algorithm called the “special sauce” to find the prominent colors in an image. All colors are stored and indexed in a database so they can be quickly retrieved, giving users a fast option for matching art work with their home décor.


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