Robert talks about Airwheel mini mobility electric scooter for adults

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Robert is a scooter-lover, enthusiast about scooter-related technology and design. He is always concerned with the latest trend of the sector. He figures that Airwheel electric scooter looks to further increase. In terms of technology, Airwheel introduces a host of advanced tech into its electric scooters. With the help of know-how, Airwheel breaks through in the sector. As a result, it is head of time, leaving others lag far behind. Robert cites Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter A3 as an obvious example. A3 adopts a good many new technology. The hydraulic suspension serves a good cushion for buffering the outer impact. The wireless connection enables the rider to control the scooter via APP on his mobile phone. Robert sees this connection technology as a prelude to the era of smart scooter.

When it comes to design, Robert will talk about the newly released model—the electric skateboard M3. This model is designed in a different way from others. It borrows the exterior design from the traditional skateboard, endowing M3 with a familiar look reminiscent of the childhood. Surely enough, nine out of ten buyers purchased it just because of the nostalgic looks of M3. The integration of the new technology with the traditional design is a veritable innovation. Airwheel repeated this practice in subsequent model—Z3.

Robert also envisages that Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter may makes a massive breakthrough in energy. The current energy is electricity, which is quite available and eco-friendly. Although there is no sign for change in energy for the time being, the new renewable energy is showing an unfathomable potential. The solar energy is most promising. Another energy is graphene, which is highly possible to realise the quick charge in seconds. Seen from these perspectives, Robert raises a sanguine interpretation about the future of energy used in Airwheel electric scooter. On the basis of these predictions and bright future, Robert is positive about Airwheel electric scooter.

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