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Wichita, KS, February 21, 2016– Now everyone can experience the incredible antibacterial benefits of Silver Water at wholesale pricing! Silver Water has been used for years as a 100% NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC with incredible healing powers!

“We are really excited to announce that manufacturing updates have allowed us to decrease prices and offer a huge discount to our customers…” – Cortney Foster

Nanosilver particles attach themselves to fungi, bacteria, pathogens, free radicals and viruses to destroy on contact! How does this happen? The particles in colloidal silver hold a positive ion charge that are drawn to the negative ion charges produced by nasty bacterium, fungi and pathogens. When this happens they quickly disable the oxygen metabolism enzyme essentially killing the pathogens by suffocating and discharging them! The silver particles then release the bacteria and they are cleared out of body by our natural elimination systems.

“Colloidal Silver is the safest broad-spectrum antibiotic known to man and the big pharma drug companies want you to know nothing about it!”

Silver Water is derived from Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, non-addictive and has no side-effects it is absolutely the toughest, safest, broad-spectrum antibiotic on the market! As with all homeopathy type solutions the smaller the concentration of the parts per million the more effective the product can perform. Up until now the highly specialized manufacturing process of Silver Water meant a single dose could cost the average consumer over $50! We are really excited to announce that that manufacturing updates have allowed us to decrease prices and offer a huge discount to our customers and for a limited time our customers can purchase 4 fluid ounces of Silver Water for only $15! Visit our site for more information!


Contact: Cortney Foster Telephone: 316-734-7711 Cell: 316-734-7711
Email: Website:

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