Htile Unveils New Rental LED Video Display Screen

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - As you know, rental led display screen requires quick movement & easy dis-assembly & installation, simple to put: “elegant appearance, easy installation, stable quality” , the shape & structural design and materials are of great importance for the led screen. It can be applied to top grade entertainment venues like theme park ,bar, night club, auditorium, grand theater, fashionable dress conference, television studio, stage and all kinds events show and managements.

Htile group is focused on rental market of optimized applicability, they have launched D series rental led display featuring ultra-thin & light, fast dismounting, fixable and convenient installation . D series is acme charm, make indoor HD rental LED screen , bringing you great shock of visual enjoyment.

It has following characteristics:

- Die casting aluminum cabinet size 500 mm * 500 mm, exquisite craft, the screen body gap is less than 0.1 mm.
- Cabinet with fast lock, two cabinet joining together only 7 seconds, can be a hang 50 boxes , easily implement large screen
- Small frame type back cover design, no fans, no noise, low power consumption
- Humanized design, equipped with handle, convenient installation dis-assembly
- Back the whole sealing honeycomb structure, high intensity, strong sealing, light in weight
- More accurate positioning pin design, installation, make the whole screen flatness is higher

It is also equipped with the handle, coupled with convenient installation dis-assembly, whole sealing honeycomb structure, high intensity, strong sealing and light in weight.

Prerequisites for publicizing the LED video display screen :

- Solid assurance to withstand amazing climate conditions
- Energy is sparing to lower force utilization and spare operational expense
- High brilliance to guarantee clear pictures even in the daylight
- Wide survey point to cover the bigger perspective range and draw in more consideration from bystanders
- Uniform and stable pictures to continue extraordinary execution
- Long life compass to amplify the advantages of clients for 5 to 8 years or significantly more life span.

LED screen manufacturer supplier of Htile is an ISO 9001:2008 ensured exploration foundation and producer that has been included in the configuration, generation, promoting and delivery of LED products.

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About Htile:

Founded on 2006 and headquartered in Shenzhen China, Htile Group is a professional manufacturer specializing in designing, producing and marketing of LED display screens for Indoor P3.9, P4.81, P4, P5, P6, outdoor P6.67,P5, P6, P8 SMD, P10 DIP and SMD screen , P16 and P20 led screens.

Media Contact:
Company: HtileGroup Co., LTD
Contact Person: Bill Chan
Tel: +86-755-33123095
Mobile: +86-13714518751
Address: Building B, Tongfukang Industrial Zone, Shiyan Town, Shenzhen, China

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