Baruch Leveev as New project Manager in the Philippines

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Israeli businessman Baruch Leveev which is in contact with the business community in Asia, Recently asked the government of the Philippines and government representatives requesting to lease or rent or non-receipt of civic autonomy.

State of the sea Philippines has thousands of islands of various sizes. The purpose of the referral was Mr. Baruch Leveev said, is to promote an Israeli business center that stored inside the Israeli businessmen who work in front of the Asian countries.

This initiative will help them access and the ability to stay where they recognize Israel style,

In a short interview with Baruch Leveev he says “In my capacity as a Project Manager, I have tons of construction experience and my focus is to deliver investment options across the board. With my experience in promoting business plans there will be many options, investments, available. I know that I would be your best source for these options in the Philippines”

Several businessmen have already praised the initiative, and wait for the response of the Philippines

He also added that “With the rapid appreciation of my very stringent policies I will and can show you how I have maintained relationships with major players throughout my career ensuring you that I always have a great network of resources to rely on for providing sound suggestions, about construction, investments and finances. Using this method has managed me by leaps and bounds.”

About Baruch Leveev:

He was born in Russia. When he got to 15, he and his family went back to the history place of Jewish-Israel. He was in the army before and after 3 years he started a business. He is a diamond expert and he sells jewelry. He also have experience on construction of building. And he is happily married to a Philippine.

Media Contact
Baruch Leveev, Business Manager
Address: Dereh Rabin street, Beit Shemesh, Israel
Tel: +972-543046304

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