Fleetmode Announces The Launch Of Distracted Driving Solution App

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - After a successful beta period, FleetMode, a new distracted driving solution created by the developers of AT&T DriveMode, is now available for all companies interested in adding an extra layer of protection to their fleet safety policy.

Stan Van Meter, President of UEFF and creator of the FleetMode system is excited to finally provide every fleet with an easy-to-use fleet management and cell phone safety system. “With life-changing distracted driving accidents on the rise, companies must find new ways to protect drivers and reduce liabilities. FleetMode is the perfect tool to accomplish just that, with no in-cab supervision, video surveillance required or complicated equipment required.”

Key Benefits Of Using Fleetmode App

- Reduce liabilities by recording and storing cell phone safety policies and employee safe driving pledges
- Prevent cognitive and manual distractions and reduce driver temptation by silencing incoming alerts and disabling the device’s keyboard
- Promote a culture of safety that keep drivers coming home to their families on “off” time.
- Locate and keep in touch with your drivers, receive real-time policy violation alerts and more, 24/7 from any device

Fleetmode App Features

FleetMode is made of three simple components that work together to minimize inbound distractions, reduce driver temptation and ensure compliance.

- FleetMode Driver: FleetMode Driver is a simple app designed by the developers of AT&T DriveMode to keep drivers safe on the road by silencing incoming text messages, social media alerts, email, etc.

- SmartDot: SmartDot is a Bluetooth LE device that works with FleetMode to disable the cell phone’s keyboard, disabling the driver’s ability to text, email, post on social media, etc. SmartDot is small, easy to install in any vehicle and has a 3 year battery life.

- FleetMode Manager: FleetMode’s custom management portal was designed in partnership with AT&T U-verse. Key features include an at-glance Dashboard, Cell Phone Safety Policy management, Instant Policy Violation Reporting, Easy Communication with drivers and more.

Company Information

FleetMode is a product of United Efficiency (UEFF), located in Mount Dora Florida. Founded in 2008, UEFF specializes in distracted driving prevention solutions. UEFF’s first product, tXtBlocker, is a Consumer Reports best pick to stop distracted driving and was selected by AT&T as its first distracted driving solution in 2010. In 2011, UEFF worked with AT&T to release AT&T DriveMode, a Consumer Reports best pick to stop distracted driving with over 4 million installations and 3 billion distraction-free miles.

Name: Krista Myatt
Phone: (352) 385-1803
Address: 131 Waterman Ave., Mount Dora, FL 32757
Email: kmyatt@fleetmode.com
Website: http://www.fleetmode.com

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