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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Beatsense.Com, a real-time, FREE music streaming platform have announced that their services are now available globally, to everyone.

When entering , joining a BeatRoom and start listening to music, the thing that will not come out instantly is that the music is being played in real-time, to everyone who is sharing that BeatRoom. As if they were physically inside the same space.

Each person can easily share his own music and become the actual DJ, while the others can vote it up, down, attach a textual one-liner, express their mood or chat about it.

On the right, there is a list of who else is online, and on the left there are options to invite friends to join via email, Facebook, twitter and more.

Some of the people might remember, a blazing hit back in 2012 that was backed by KANYE WEST and LADY GAGA. reached almost 1m users within a couple of months, all playing music together in real-time. Unfortunately, had to be shut down.

The founders of have researched's experience and studied several other platforms.

"We are here to stay, providing a free, legal music service that's redefining what it means to listen to – and discover – music", said one of the founders.

Besides being real-time and free, there are plenty of other neat features. For example, songs are seamlessly mixed between one and another, continuing the music without a moment of silence.

Discovering music is one of BeatSense's greatest strengths, setting a new standard for other music platforms like Spotify and Apple music. After all the music is being curated by real people, sharing similar tastes to you and listening at the same momentary context.


The online music industry has suffered some severe losses lately with the shutdown of GrooveShark and other beloved platforms. is game-changing, and a long-overdue for music lovers out there. Experience

Contact Person: Oren Yakobi
Company: BeatSense
Address: Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: +972-52-6789-896

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