extends its 20% price cut guarantee to new customers as it continues to grow its market

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 15th February, 2016 - has announced that new customers looking to explore its personal statement service will have a new reason to smile. The firm is extending its 20% price cut guarantee to new clients in a bid to increase affordability and also appeal for its professional services. says that the 20% cut had been designed for loyal customers who had been working with its team for a couple of years but now, everybody who wants to get its personal statement service will be able to enjoy the cut. The move is expected to increase the number of new customers coming at for personal statement help.
Experts in the industry note that building a strong and consistent growth path is never easy and while at the moment is reporting very impressive growth rates, it would be very interesting to see how the addition of a new 20% price cut guarantee for new clients will boost customer acquisition and the delivery of the best personal statement writing service.
Many people who don’t have an idea of how to create personal statements have often used discounts and other price cuts to save money on consultancy service. notes that very few personal statement help providers really know the tricks of making service cheap and there is so much people in the industry need to learn has always been a vocal leader as far as good costs are concerned and while at the moment there are no experts in writing medical school personal statement that can match up to the ease of pricing available at, the company has vowed to do more. For more please visit and make some inquiries today.

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