Mustard Expands Presence To Support London Businesses

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Small to medium enterprises all have great potential to uplift the economies of the countries they are based in. With many governments offering great incentives to their founders, it is safe to say that they will soon command a healthy share of the business services market.

Mustard IT now supports London-based SMEs with its wide range of service offerings. They recently closed down their Hertfordshire base of operations, but they are now actively involved in responding to the IT support needs of independent businesses powering West Londonís arts and entertainment scene.

Mustard IT has a wide range of service offerings that can be put together to make the ultimate IT support package for any growing company:

Various IT support packages, all of which include basic services such as IT roadmaps, reports, licensing, and warranty management; an assigned account manager and consultant; comprehensive support for all hardware involved; broad IT audit and documentation set; real-time asset monitoring and inventory.

Office 365 feasibility study, implementation, and training. With data recovery programs relying on the cloud compatibility of your business software, Mustard ITís engineers seek to make the transition to a cloud-compatible software like Office 365 as smooth as possible. First, they study your current system to see how it can be replaced with Office 365 as smoothly as possible. Then they assist you with installing it gradually and with training your staff how to use its new features to make the transition as smooth as possible.

IT infrastructure assessment and maintenance. All businesses need a carefully-calibrated and closely-monitored infrastructural network to keep their business processes up and running. Mustard IT engineers continually assess your existing systemís performance and security to determine if there are issues of obsolescence or ďcreaking under the strain.Ē They also advise you on when to change certain elements (e.g., routers, network switches, cabling, or internet connectivity hardware) of your infrastructure while helping you plan your budget to anticipate any future infrastructure needs.

Assistance with further IT system expansions or projects. While all small to medium businesses should aspire to develop their IT systems to serve their clients better, many of them neglect to figure in the amount of downtime that such a transition would require. Fortunately, Mustard IT often assists customers with common IT projects like remote access solutions, server upgrades, and the sort of data relocation schemes that accompany a change in address. Throughout all of these IT improvement projects, Mustard ITís dedicated team will help you find the most efficient way to transition so that you can avoid any costly interruptions.

Customers can choose the service package that fits their needs and specifications. Mustard IT has three basic support packages:

- At just £25 a month, you can already avail of all the services you need to ensure effective remote access solutions.

- For about £40 monthly, you get the added benefit of a qualified IT engineer visiting your site in case of problems that cannot be solved remotely.

- A monthly budget of £80 means that you also benefit from scheduled weekly maintenance visits from Mustard ITís assigned engineer as well as a guaranteed same day onsite response in case you encounter IT problems that can be resolved remotely.

For small businesses in the London area with IT support needs, Mustard IT is ready and waiting to help.

Contact Name: Alex Viall
Address: 57 Rathbone Place, 4th Floor, Holden House, London, UK
Phone: 0203 792 6991

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