launches advertisement video script writing services for just $29.95 for each 75 words

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 18th February, 2016 - has announced that indeed it will start to offer professional video script writing services at a minimum rate of just $29.95 for every 75 words. A statement released by the firm says the service is designed for marketing and advertisement videos for either online marketing or mainstream television. says that creativity in video script writing has been the single most important attribute in creating quality and captivating advertisements. The company says that a lot of marketing companies and other organizations are playing a lot of money to secure the best possible creativity in video scripts and as such, the new service will help lots of people who also want to buy testimonials.
Script writing however has its challenges and this is one thing has clearly acknowledged. The company has in the past few months taken a lot of time trying to find and hire a wide range of professionals to add some creativity not just in its scripts but also for people who want to buy video testimonial.
Experts say that for a company that has predominantly been offering video testimonial services, creating quality and captivating scripts for video ads should not be a problem at all. At the moment, there is a lot the firm can do but then again, the video testimonial script writer has said it will give everything it can to ensure the new service adds value. has also urged all customers who want a creative testimonial script to explore its writers and creativity in this area. The firm has helped a lot of companies build credibility through its services and even for your business, this can happen without a lot of stress. For more information please feel free to visit

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