Atkinsons Chartered Accountants Crunch Numbers for UK Freelancers and Businessmen

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Keeping track of your sales and expenses is crucial to keeping any business going. Bookkeeping and filing tax returns can certainly be tedious, especially if you need to abide by generally-acceptable accounting principles in doing so. Every business owner needs to at least be able to make sense of a balance sheet and an income statement, but for the nitty-gritty of accounting, you can turn over your cares to Atkinsons Chartered Accountants.

Atkinson Chartered Accountants, or ACA, is an accredited UK audit team that has been around for half a century now. It is currently in the midst of an image revamp. While they are currently working on their current company logo and website for a more modern feel, they remain to be a thriving family business catering to the needs of freelancers, start-ups, and small/medium enterprises alike:

For freelancers who are navigating the uncertain waters of being their own boss for the first time, Atkinsonís highly-qualified team of accountants can help you set up your books so you can focus your efforts and time on developing your business. For a fixed regular fee that you agree upon during the first meeting, your Atkinson accountant can:

- Do your annual accounts and tax returns, along with providing usual advice on how to handle value-added tax or VAT;
- Advice you on what sort of accounting software is best suited for your business;
- Continuous consultation on how to structure your business so you can avail of tax incentives;
- Setting up the payroll

Start-ups, on the other hand, can benefit from the services of Atkinsonís accountants since the latter will help them get the business started on the right foot, financially speaking. First-timers in the business world would do well to partner with an Atkinsonís accountant so that they can avoid costly mistakes since their assigned partner helps them with the following:

- Choosing the right kind of set-up for the business, whether itís a sole proprietorship or a corporation;
- Filing and completion of tax returns;
- Guidance on bookkeeping and record-keeping;
- Preparation for significant taxes like VAT;
- Tax and administration registration services

Small and medium-sized businesses that may require a bit more care can also expect great value from Atkinsonís accountants. ACAís offices in Sussex and Surrey are especially experienced in providing accounting support for SMEís:

- Annual statutory audits and accounts;
- Preparation of annual tax reports and managerial budgets;
- Bookkeeping, VAT and PAYE registration services;
- Consultations in setting up the companyís own in-house account teams;
- Guidance over which cloud computing software is best for the business;
- Proper set-up of share schemes for the businessí employees;
- Corporate taxation set-up for single companies;

With ACAís longevity in the accounting industry and its constant efforts to keep up with the changing needs of its clients, you certainly canít go wrong with setting up an account with them or at least scheduling a free one-on-one consultation about your business needs.

Greg Atkinson
Phone: 01273771122

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