Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers Launches Summit Plus

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The Best Air Purifier Of 2016 unveiled

26th Feb 2016, CO, US: Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers, a well known name in the business has launched Summit Plus, The Best Air Purifier of 2016 that has several advantages for users.

Air purifiers have become integral to peopleís homes; no two ways about it. Home owners understand the importance of breathing quality air in their intimate surroundings and the impact it can have on their overall wellbeing. It is also about the comfort and health of their loved ones, and there can be no compromises on that front. Itís particularly true in the months of spring and summer when a large number of people suffer because of allergens in the air.

Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers is a company that has consistently tried to offer best solutions to its customers. Its air purifiers are known to remove 99.9% of allergens that are found in the air. As a result these allergens that can lead to asthmatic reactions in many instances donít make it to peopleís indoor surroundings. And now the company has taken things to a whole new level with its Summit Plus offering that has many advantages for home owners.

Quite simply, it is a Home Air Purifier that has further enhanced and upgraded the 7 stage filtration process that is a hallmark of the products from the company. It has thus created a new standard in air purification and thanks to the several layers of air purification, home owners can be rest assured that they get the best protection from allergens. Moreover they are also protected from the negative impact of elements like smoke, pollen, mildew, and pet dander.

Summit Plus is being talked about as The Best Air Purifier Of 2016, and the seven stages of filtration that it brings to the fore include, HEPA Filtration, ionization, ultra violet, dust pre-filter, advanced carbon filtration, advanced photo-catalytic filter and ozone. Thus users can make sure that their loved ones donít have to suffer because of allergens in the air. The three year warranty and 60 day satisfaction guarantee also offers them much needed peace of mind about the quality of the purifier.

About Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers

Based out of Colorado, the company has gained its reputation on the back of its high quality purifiers and other products that are ideal for peopleís homes.

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