Crowdfunding campaign launched for Patented DIY Faux Brick Paint Stamp

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Cosmos, Minnesota - A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking to fund the patented Faux brick Paint Stamp invented by Lee Danielson. If you are trying to create a "real" brick look, but haven't found an easy way to do it? The Paint Stamp proves to make it really simple. Other methods use a stencil witch is slow and cumbersome.

The paint stamp (#US20080118632 A1) has the unique ability to make any wall or floor look like faux brick. With the Paint Stamp, Do-it-Yourselfers can easily create faux textured Running Brick and limitless random patterns without measuring and taping grout lines. The Paint Stamp comes with integrated vertical and horizontal spacing guides and a leveling device which the inventor claims makes it able to produce exacting, ordered results, without the need for a highly skilled operator.

The campaign is seeking to raise $4,000 by March 19.

"I hit a brick wall in funding this when I got laid off from my job", said Danielson. "I have a contact from as seen on TV but I need money for their services to find me a manufacture to license and produce my product. My paint stamp has a utility patent already issued and ready to go!"

Danielson states that his patented tool is perfect to give your home a rustic or industrial touch by painting a wall to look like exposed brick. Faux-brick walls make striking accent walls, and they create the illusion of texture in the room. You don’t need specialty applicators and artistic ability to paint a faux-brick wall.

The campaign is offering two rewards for backers. With just a $1 pledge, backers can get directions directly from the inventor on how to make your own paint stamp as well as a thank you on the company wall. A $40 pledge gets 100 select backers a complete set of patented paint tools with instruction.

More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at:

Lee Danielson
Phone: 320-583-0318

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