ThuggMiss Releases New EP, ‘Self Made’

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - ThuggMiss, a rising hip hop artist in the international independent scene, has released her latest studio endeavor, ‘Self Made.’ The new EP dropped on Jan. 23 and is now available on all digital music platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

Born in Oklahoma City but raised in Kansas City, ThuggMiss’ upbringing was anything but a fairytale. From being in the streets to being locked up physically and mentally, ThuggMiss had to overcome immense obstacles to be where she is today. Her music is an outlet for her to share her knowledge about what is really going on in the streets.

Those reflections are honest and authentic, and thus, ThuggMiss has turned down every A&R agent and deal that would have required her to change her image. In 1999, ThuggMiss released her debut record. As a new artist in the industry, ThuggMiss ultimately lost her rights and royalties to a producer. She took to the streets, the hustle, to survive. This caught up with her, and she spent five years in a correctional facility.

That time was, however, well spent. ThuggMiss took that opportunity to turn her life around. “I believe that when God knows your heart is pure, or that you’re lost in a world you were never prepared for, not having anybody to look up to... He will slow your life down and make a brighter future,” ThuggMiss says.

ThuggMiss has been on several ‘TwerkNation’ tours with Kstylis and in the summer of 2012, she had her own successful independent promo tour. She now has a long and impressive resume of live performances internationally, and several companies sponsor ThuggMiss, too.

‘Self Made’ is available now!

Contact Person: Sharonda R. Walker
Address: P.O. Box 23002, Oklahoma City, OK 73084
Phone: 405-886-5818
Email: thuggmiss4booking
Twitter: @ThuggMiss

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