Loni Anderson stars in new LGBT themed comedy series My Sister Is So Gay

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Los Angeles, CA - A hilarious new comedy about a family that is close... but only if geography counts! The ever gorgeous and hilarious Loni Anderson stars as Frances, the boozy and inappropriately sexy mother of two middle age children. She touts “the best way to look young next to your kids is teen pregnancy. Nobody talks about it, but I think it’s a selling point.”

Frances’ gay son Seth (played by Terry Ray), is invaded by his uptight, homophobic sister, Amanda (Wendy Michaels) after she catches her husband having an affair with her best friend, Katherine. It just seems she’s way more upset about Katherine cheating on her than her husband. It’s not adding up for Seth, especially when Amanda acts all loopy around his lesbian co-worker, Becca (Debra Wilson). Is his homophobic sister gay? And Amanda can’t figure out why Seth’s way younger and very handsome boyfriend is interested in Seth. He seems to have so many secrets. Is he married?

Watch all six episodes of MY SISTER IS SO GAY at www.mysisterissogay.tv Loni Anderson will always be remembered as Jennifer Marlowe from the hit sitcom WKRP IN CINCINNATI, a role which garnered her 3 Golden Globe and 2 Prime Time Emmy Award nominations. Loni was a regular in 5 more series and has guest starred in numerous other shows and TV movies like the title role in THE JAYNE MANSFIELD STORY. Her films include A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY and STROKER ACE with Burt Reynolds. Her high profile marriage to Burt made them the Brad & Angelina of the 1980s. She is now happily married to Bob Flick, from the folk group The Brothers Four.

MY SISTER IS SO GAY was written and created by Terry Ray and Wendy Michaels. Terry also wrote and starred in FROM HERE ON OUT with Juliet Mills, which was the first all original LGBT sitcom on a gay network, cable’s Here TV. He wrote and co-stars in the GILLIGAN’S ISLAND spoof with Dawn Wells, SHE’S STILL ON THAT FREAKIN’ ISLAND, with plans to turn that short into an ongoing series.

Debra Wilson has a near cult-like following for her insanely funny impersonations of whacked out Whitney Houston and overly energetic Oprah Winfrey during her several years on MADtv. Actor / Singer Tilky Jones was an original member of the band Take 5. Wendy Michaels comes from a theater background. Her film credits include I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS. The prolific Sam Irvin is the director of MY SISTER IS SO GAY. The 6 short episodes of season one all combined make a 35 minute comedy.

Wendy Michaels / Terry Ray
Phone: 1-305-431-1373
Email: mysisterissogay@yahoo.com
Website: http://mysisterissogay.tv/contact.html

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