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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Empty vase, the premier Beverly Hills florist shop is widely seen as an exclusive proprietor of breathtaking flower arrangements in the major Los Angeles area. They are certainly a deviation from the typical florist shop. The team at the Beverly Hills florist shop incorporates modern, breathtaking design in their floral arrangements that cannot be matched anywhere else. The team has a background in design and architecture which lends an innovative quality to their pieces as if you were viewing some amazing piece of art.

The Beverly Hills florist shop incorporates sleek lines and beautiful touchpoints that are reminiscent of classic architecture. The team utilizes their love of art and architecture in a perfect harmony that gives their arrangements an elegance that is at once innovative and classic.

Saeed Babaeean is at the helm of a very talented team of creators. Before becoming a florist he was a classically trained architect. The Beverly Hills florist studied the art of the great European romantics and fell in love with design at an early age. His influences are readily apparent when one beholds his designs. His appreciation of art cannot be denied when beholding his pieces.

Beyond the aesthetic beauty, there is a technical proficiency that pushes his designs to the next level. He utilizes symmetry and balance which help lend an air of elegance and beauty reminiscent of some modern architectural design. Babaeean insists that each one of his arrangements pass a quality control inspection in which the design is ranked for beauty and technicality. If a design does not fit the Beverly Hills florist standards, it simply isn’t used.

About Empty Vase

Empty Vase is a perennially leader in the Beverly Hills Florist space. For more information about their services, please visit their website at or call 310. 278-1988

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Company: Empty Vase
Phone: 310.278.1988
Address: West Hollywood, CA

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