Jaredís unique way to work out with intelligent electric skateboards manufacturer Airwheel X8

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Daily exercise after work is an extravagant hope for the modern-day white-collars. According to an investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO), 70% of the world population is in Sub-health condition, where over 45 percent of sub healthy people are middle-aged or elderly. How do they make a balance between work and exercise? Airwheel electric scooter allows it. Let see Jaredís unique way to work out with intelligent electric skateboards manufacturer Airwheel X8. Airwheel X8 intelligent electric scooter is designed in a streamline way. It even can be packed into pack bag.

On the way to work, to supermarket to anywhere he wants, Jared will ride his X8 single-wheeled electric scooter not only to improve the speed, but also to improve his health conditions. There is no doubt that Jared is in sub health, because of the heavier work and pressure. He rides X8 to release his tension and negative emotions. By regular riding, his work efficiency and health are improved.

Jared also pays attention to the daily maintenance of his loving scooter. He usually stores his Airwheel X8 one wheel scooter in a dry location. If there is a special period, he will recharge the battery every two months to maintain the battery life. For inflation, Jared uses the extended connector to inflate the tire. To repair or change the inner or outer tire, Jared needs to open one side cover (the one without indicator lights). Apart from the above details about maintenance, there are many important warnings. The rider needs be careful with his electric scooter.

Jaredís unique way to work out with Airwheel X8 electric unicycle has exerted a great influence on his friends and colleges. With more and more persons joining to riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, more and more people will stay away from sub healthy and live a healthier life.

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