Earthsafe Environmental Focus On Customer Satisfaction On Wastewater Treatment Services In Australia

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA, February 10, 2016 –‘Earthsafe Environmental P/L’, an Australian water treatment company is focusing on top quality waste water treatment services in Australia for customer satisfaction.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with a population over 23 million people. The country has a history of suffering from plastic pollution hazards & contaminated water for a long period of time. Research has also shown that many Australian drinking water supplies are exposed to pesticides and recent studies have found that every square km of sea water is covered with thousands of contaminated plastic pieces which are harmful to sea life. One of the rivers which are thought to be the most polluted is the King River in Tassie. This is because, for more than seventy years, it is used as a dump yard for industrial mine wastes.

Earthsafe Environmental P/L is a manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems located in Central Coast, New South Wales Australia. They manufacture and supply the best on-site wastewater treatment systems in Australia for the last 20 years, which are installed and serviced by specialized company agents in New South Wales. Earthsafe Environmental designs & produces the most concrete septic tank systems for homes, the industry & for commercial uses. They also manufacture the rainwater tanks, greywater treatment systems & Black/Grey Split Treatment systems. Their company consists of trained professionals and experienced consultants, who can advise the most suitable wastewater treatment system based on your area, excavation, electrical, plumbing & other specific requirements. With 24-hour backup service, they will make sure of the transportations, delivery and installment as well. Household wastewater consists of water flowing from our shower, basins, laundry, kitchen, toilets etc. Human faeces, urine and other harmful materials make them very infectious. Sea, stream and lake waters are contaminated by excess phosphorus discharge. Phosphorus supports the growth algae and aquatic plants but the excess discharge of phosphorus as organic wastes in industrial effluent pollutes streams, lakes and coasts. They reduce the oxygen level and destroy the food quality for sea life. That is why many fish dies every year. It can also be very dangerous for us if we come in contact with the waste waters or eat any fish from these contaminated streams. To learn more about Earthsafe Environmental P/L, please visit

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2259 Australia

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