Top 4 Common Mistakes Made When Mowing the Lawn

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Lawn Mower
(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Mowing the lawn is one of the most important home improvement resolutions to bring back the beauty of your front and backyard. Mowing may sound easy but you will only realize that there are some technique that needs to be followed in order to come up with the right result. Most of us tend to become excited to perform mowing without learning even the basics; thus, resulting to an uneven lawn appearance. There are different types of mower that are commonly used be every individual. However, not all knows how to properly use it most especially when it comes to a self propelled lawn mower.

A self propelled lawn mower is one of the most preferred types of lawn mower because of the convenience it brings. Also, this type of mower is good for users who already are suffering from slow mobility, for those who have uneven lawn and hilly backyard.

There are top 5 common mistakes that need to be corrected to achieve a professionally mowed lawn which are as follows:

Mowing too short

We may not be aware that we are mowing the lawn too short most especially if it is our first time to do it. The best principle to follow when mowing is to have a rough estimate of not removing above 1/3 grass length. If that is so, we are going to prevent the grass from experiencing stress which may took a while for them to recover.

Over watering the grass

To help us easily mow the lawn, it is just right to water the grass beforehand. Most of us are using sprinklers to water the grass, but the thing is, we may not be aware that we are already overwatering the lawn. This will lead to the possibility of soaking the grass which can lead to the death of the grass.

We do not give much attention to the soil

When mowing, we should give more attention to the grass, not the soil. It is very important to have a bit of control of the mower for you to have room to properly estimate the length of grass to cut. If you want to learn more, you can go and read about Self propelled lawn mowers reviews to gain some insights.

Not paying attention to the weather

The weather plays an important role when it comes to mowing. Preferably, we should do our lawn care during summer or during sunny weather. If not, it will enable us to have difficulty in mowing due to unstable weather condition.


Mowing is a very important activity to maintain and promote well organized, beautiful and clean surroundings which will totally add up to the attractive landscape concept you have at home. There may be wide selections of mower that you can choose from but one of the most preferred is the Self propelled lawn mowers because of the several advantages that it can give you which you will surely enjoy. In fact, you can log on to to find out more this kind of mower. Furthermore, you have to take note of the above commonly made mistakes to correct the wrong use that we are following.



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