Offers a Sneak Preview of Indian Cam Girls for Its Casual Visitors and Guests

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, an Indian cam chat portal that has been a personal favourite of many online chatting enthusiasts since its inception, recently announced a host of exciting promotional offers for their guests who just want to check out the website and the Indian cam girls out of curiosity. The owners informed the press that they want to allow the casual visitors or guests to the online chatting portal to get a slice of the chatting fun that the premium members can take part in any time they wish. The owners believe that the new promotional plans would help them in leveraging the portal’s popularity.

“Like all other websites, we also use cookies on our online chatting portal. We noticed that the bounce rate of the chat portal has significantly increased. We analyzed the reasons behind the increasing bounce rate and we found that many casual visitors to the site exit the site too soon as they find nothing for them”, said a web administrator of the Indian cams chatting portal. “So we decided to make the portal more attractive for the casual visitors as well. From now on, they can see the recorded videos and photos of the Indian cam girls who are part of the community”, he added.

However, the owners also maintained that the premium members, or the paid members of the community, will continue to get their fair share of premium membership benefits. They said that their development and recruitment teams are working hard to improve the online Indian live chat services for their premium members while, on the other hand, they have made brought this unique opportunity get a sneak peek of the chat portal for the guests.

“We have different membership areas and guests can only get to see a limited preview of the chatting activities. This is to ensure that the prospective community members get familiar with the community environment. We don’t believe in restricting access. But one has to understand that without subscription money, it’s hard to run so big a chat portal”, said the CEO of

About the Company is a chatting portal where Indian cam girls can be seen live in action.

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