New Random Solo Adventure: Bram Stoker's Dracula

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March 10, 2016: There are numerous online games available in the market right now. These games are packed with excellent attractive features that grasp the attention of the player and eventually the user becomes an addict of these best online games.’s game book series Random Solo Adventure makes you the hero in an exciting storyline that changes each and every time as you browse it. This game book series was made by J. Pingo Lindstrom in 2015. The first book, Fantasy Dungeon, was premiered in late 2015. The second book, Jungle Quest, was released in January 2016. The third book Post Apocalypse will be released in the first quarter of 2016.

These game books are interactive fiction, where in fact the role is enjoyed by you of a hero. But rather than being linear stories, each reading differs because many of the encounters are random. This creates a great interactive experience, unlike any other book. Bram Stoker released Dracula in 1897 which is an astonishing gothic horror story. J. Pingo Lindstrom brings this story in the horror game book format for the first time.

In this solo role playing game book, you select exactly what will happen next and are treated to various random encounters on the way. Using a popular scenario poses new challenges for the overall game creators, who will extend their creativeness to check new game rules and develop exciting interactive scenarios. In addition more really amazing illustrations are added to bring the overall game book to a new level. The Random Solo Adventure game system is easy, but powerful, and makes a fascinating setup for the stories of the books.

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