ECEZ: America’s First Large-Scale Pollution Killer

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March 10, 2016: In recent years, we have been breathing increased pollution in our environment, because of which the general public’s health conditions have constantly deteriorated. We have to understand that something must be done in reducing pollution in the atmosphere. Ecosciences, Inc. is an American company has come up with a tablet based product ECEZ that can be added to waste systems, including sewers, sludge ponds, septic tanks, lagoons, portable sanitation facilities, grease tanks, lakes, ponds etc.

These are ecologically sound, safe tablets that resupply oxygen, split up sludge before it obstruct pipes, eliminate the rotten-egg hydrogen sulfide sewer odor, and prolong the life span of septic, sewer, tank and water management systems. As easy to use as dropping a lemon wedge in a garbage disposal to freshen it, EcoScience’s tablets yield huge savings that strikingly bring down the expense of plumbing, repair and frequent tank draining.

ECEZ has a revolutionary way to trap pollution before it enters the watershed. It basically clears the fat, oil and grease. The product ECEZ rapidly, easily and cheaply solves the grease input load where it starts at cost-effective prices that customers will love. The company is currently building a global sales force and market its trailblazing products.

The company believes that this new product can power its way into the market within weeks by establishing a network of expert marketers and sales representatives that are already well-tied into key customer groups. Genuinely, ECEZ is wonderful for the environment, yet it is destined to be a stock success since the product is useful for business.

About The Company:
Ecosciences, Inc. introduces a great new product ECEZ that is non-toxic to the environment, non-caustic and comprised of natural ingredients which do not require any special permitting for use and disposal. For more information visit

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