R&B Music Artist Rahn Anthoni Releases His New Album on CD Baby

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March 10, 2016: Music is life. It is a kind of art that involves organized and perceptible sounds and silence. It is usually expressed in terms of pitch, rhythm, and the superiority of sound. Music plays a very important role in our daily life. It is a means of expressing our feelings and emotions. Music is a genuine way to flee life, which gives us relief in pain and helps us to lessen the stress of the every day schedule.

Urban music artist Rahn Anthoni creates hot hip-hop with an R&B flow that hints at roots in gospel flavors. Music takes him to a high level and sheds the everyday trouble from his life. It makes him feel free from all his problems that he face each day. Anthoni uses his life experience and its strife to form energizing art and just the usual entertainment.

This R&B music artist has released his new single, “’Love, What the World Needs Now” to spread love against killing, hatred, racism and anything that is dealing with negativity. In this present world we have to bring back the true relationships with all, since the joy of love is no more.

This CD will get to your heart with uplifting relationships, life and peace. This CD will show you how to feel great about yourself and take you back again to the nice olden days. You will love this CD and it will make you share because of the way it enthrall your soul. Get this CD because you will feel inspired to reach out to your love ones in the musical way.

About The Company:
The Urban music artist and a gifted vocalist Rahn Anthoni released his new album “Love, What the World Needs Now” that captivate, soothes and spread love to your soul. Listen to and download the album on CD Baby at affordable prices. Visit the link at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rahnanthoni2?_ga=1.168618217.916968069.1455159162%2FYou#.VtZs4RXFW88.facebook

Contact Details:
Author Name: Cedrice Williams
Company Name: Rahn Anthoni LLC
Address: 1850 Graves Road 111 Norcross Georgia
Phone No.: 678 755 6470


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