Two Components Airless Sprayers

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March 12, 2016: The airless sprayer has become the most effective paint sprayers designed for commercial and residential use. While choosing an airless paint sprayer, make certain that you look at all the options that are offered to you prior to making your ultimate decision. Anyone thinking of buying an airless sprayer must do some research to find exactly the proper model.

Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd. is usually a China based company and the first producer of industrial pneumatic airless sprayer. The primary products includes: air compressor airless sprayers, air-assisted paint sprayers, industrial paint sprayers, metal coating equipments, shipyard coating sprayers, two components airless sprayers, pipeline internal wall sprayers and many more. They offer 2 plural components paint spraying equipment for the corrosion shield of metal, gas and oil pipelines.

Dual components spraying outfits should always be supplied with feed pumps. Due to this advantage, 2 plural components equipment is becoming more prevalent even for the use of typical water-borne and solvent-borne epoxy and polyurethane paints, particularly in painting outlets where large volumes of paint are applied. These two plural-component sprayers are derived from firm blending ratios, where the proportion is achieved by two or three cylinders of certain volume.

There are many features of two components airless sprayers like the mixing ratio is always uniform and correct, less requirement for cleaning solvents, shorter cleaning time, less waste of paint, improvement in working safety and much more. The dual components spraying outfits are extremely economical in large scale, routine production, especially if the same colors are used consistently.

About The Company:
As the leader in pneumatic airless spray technology, Telansen China offers industrial airless sprayer, air assisted paint sprayer, airless painting equipment, two components airless sprayers and many more. For more information visit

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Author Name: TLS Airless Sprayer
Business/Company Name: Telansen Coating Machinery CO., LTD
Local Address: No. 9611 Hu Tai Road, Shanghai,China
Phone Number: +86-21-66599152
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