Telansen Comes Up With High Quality Internal Pipe Painting Equipment

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Shanghai, China, March 13, 2016: Industrial equipment needs a coating to be heat and corrosion resistant. Painting internal industrial parts can be extremely strenuous. Apart from worrying about external parts, you also have to exert effort and spend more time in certain tasks such as painting complicated areas like internal pipe etc. Having the right internal pipe painting equipment, however, can help to speed up the process and simplify the task. And it starts with a pipe painting sprayer.

Telansen is the leading manufacturer producing industrial pipe painting sprayer in China. With rich skillfulness experience, Telansen pipe coating equipment covered 60% domestic market share not only for competitive factory price but also toughness with very long service life. The company produces mainly two types of pipe painting sprayer: NKP-1 pipe internal painting equipment and NKP-3 interior pipe coating equipment.

NKP-1-type pipe paint sprayer which is internal wall spray device is perfect for bore and medium-sized pipe inside painting, which transfers high-pressure paints from the airless spray coating machine and goes through a particular nozzle and uniformly spray the inner surface of the pipe.

NKP-3-type interior pipe coating equipment with the airless spray device together could be used in spraying a number of channels. The high-pressure paints which transfers from the airless spray coating machine and then passes through pipe inner wall spray device, revolves and goes forward ,and eventually complete the pipe coating successfully.

Specification of the products:
1. NKP-1 Pipe internal painting equipment
Spray Pipe Bore Range Φ50-300mm
2. NKP-3 Interior Pipe Coating Equipment
Spray Pipe Bore Range Φ300~1200 mm
Both the products provide high-quality finish on all types of pipe surfaces.

About The Company:
Telansen Coating Machinery CO., LTD is a China based company that offers a wide range of internal pipe painting equipment for industrial use at cost-effective prices. For more details please visit-

Contact Details:
Author Name: TLS Airless Sprayer
Business/Company Name: Telansen Coating Machinery CO., LTD
Local Address: No. 9611 Hu Tai Road, Shanghai, China
Phone Number: +86-21-66599152
Company Mail id.:

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