Premier Punt Launches Fantasy Football App

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The fantasy football gaming site has announced the upcoming launch of a mobile app set to change the face of the industry.

February 26, 2016 – Premier Punt, a fantasy football gaming resource, will be launching a mobile app set to be released next month. According to the company the groundbreaking app will change the face of fantasy football. It will provide access to the company’s platform for users on the go, enabling them to choose from three leagues and from single, daily, and weekly games.

Teams/Players Up for the Choosing

Users will be able to choose their team from a varied pool of players. Eleven players can be chosen for weekly and daily football games. Players are awarded points in the game, depending on how well they perform. For a single game, one can choose five players so users can pick from who they think is the best.

Powered by Opta, Premier Punt offers several other advantages, including:

• Live results, enabling one to track the team that gets the most points.
• Chat function that lets users interact and make friends.
• Ability to play for just a week or a day without a season-long commitment.
• Premier Punt players can choose what kind of battle they want to have.
• Multiplayer games can be set up, or participants can play head to head.
• The options to play seriously or just for fun.

Fantasy Football Even for Beginners

Premier Punt does not require one to be experienced at Fantasy Football. Participants don’t have to know that much and they can choose what they want to put into the pool.

The fantasy football app will enable people to have access to all of the features on the website. They can view game rules and also the website’s blog that includes weekly previews, news, and other insights. In addition to fantasy football, readers can see stories on football managers, football players, management styles, and transfers.

Visitors can also register to receive weekly newsletters. To sign up on the site, one must be 18 years old or older. Learn more about Premier Punt and the upcoming app by going to

About Premier Punt

Premier Punt is a fantasy football website that enables fans to play against one another to win or simply play for fun. It does not require a season-long commitment. Participants can play one-on-one or in multiplayer games in weekly, daily, or single tournaments. Registrants must be at least 18 years old to play.


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