Is Statesopium's proposition to Local News demand a viable answer?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, March 13th, 2016 — We live in an age, in which new technologies play a key role in helping our world move forward. Of all kinds of technological advancements of the modern age, the internet is one of the greatest and it considerably alters our way of life. With the help of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we can find out literally anything just by entering a relevant query into a search bar.

Statesopium differs itself from other Search Engines by being a Local News Engine, giving users not only access to Global News in 6 different languages, but also covering the Local News of 33 countries, which are underrepresented in Global Media and online, with more countries to come in the future. Statesopium lets its users find out quickly what’s happening in their country – or any other country – by displaying the latest articles from the Local Media.

Displaying Local News is not the only way Statesopium allows its users to stay connected to their homeland. It encompasses 6 other robust interfaces around the countries subject. One of them, Stateslink, is a Community Network helping users keep a link with their compatriots, for either personal or professional purposes. Stateswin allows users to publish their classified ads, whereas Statesplay provides the latest news on well-known and emerging music artists, and serves to promote emerging Local Artists. Statesfly is a flight tracker and provides the latest flight alerts, while Statesvote keeps users up to date with the latest Local and National election results from around the world, and news about upcoming elections. Finally, Statesbox provides useful tools and converters, and also some fun games to help pass time.

In conclusion, Statesopium can be considered as a viable answer to online Local News demand as it provides relevant and accurate information concerning a specific country. It also lets compatriots create new contacts and stay in touch, and provides other serious and fun tools around the countries topic. Its uses a nice, flat design, and modern transitions.

If you’re interested in finding out more, visit the product at and start using it for free.

Contact address:
Svetlana Almarova | PR Associate
Stateslab | | contact at stateslab dot com
P.O. Box 4827, Silver Spring
MD 20914, USA
Statesopium | Users assistance: support at statesopium dot com |

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