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Formulating a Treatment Plan

Similar to psychologists and psychotherapists, psychiatrists like the private psychiatrist London also have several treatment options that they can select for each patient based on their unique backgrounds. Formulating a treatment plan for each patient includes analyzing their history of treatment failures and successes as well as treatments options that have not been undergone in the past. Medications will also be administered carefully, as anxiety, psychosis and addiction needs certain type of medications that must be given carefully. Last but not least, psychiatrists such as the private psychiatrist London will also take into account the patient’s symptoms and their severity.

Recommending Lifestyle Changes and Behavioral Activation

Aside from giving necessary therapies and medications, private psychiatrists such as the private psychiatrist London tends to encourage lifestyle and behavioral changes to the patients in order to alleviate their mental health issues severity. Patients may be asked to change their diet or nutrition intake. They may be asked to exercise more, or to do what they like more often. On rare occasions, patients can also be asked to pay attention more to their personal hygiene.

Deciding on Therapy

Last but not least, even though psychiatrists are usually associated with giving out medications, they also can incorporate therapies to the treatment of a mental health issue which is also done by psychologists and psychotherapists. They can subject the patients to therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as well as dialectical behavioral therapy. Moreover, even private psychiatrists like the private psychiatrist London sometimes perform therapy in their own offices, however it is also common for a psychiatrist to ask for assistance from other psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists for certain types of treatment that they may not be specialized in.

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