Offers Designer Ceiling Lights at Discounted Prices for Modern Homes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, a premier manufacturer and seller of lighting fixtures, recently announced huge discounts on ceiling lights, the highest rated products of the company. The owners said that high price of designer lighting systems often becomes a deterrent for many perspective buyers and they do not want to keep their ceiling lights beyond the affordability of the average buyer. The owners said that the primary objective of announcing the discounts is to generate more interest in their brand, while the second most important objective is to beat the competition at the domestic US market.

“Our ceiling lights are perfect examples of artistry. However, due to the breakneck competition at the domestic market, we decided to slash down the prices of chandeliers, floor lamps, bathroom lights and other sorts of lighting fixtures. Of all the products that we offer, ceiling lights are the most popular. We decided, therefore, to slash down the prices of the ceiling lights so as to facilitate modern home owners to buy the right lighting fixtures without pinching holes in their pockets”, said a top executive of is a US based manufacturer of lighting fixtures. The owners said that their phone lines are open through the week and anyone can call them on any business day to place a query or an order. “We have introduced a new helpline recently and since then, we have been receiving calls from home improvement professionals and home owners from all around. It seems that the announcement of the discounts on our products is going to serve as a leverage point for us”, said another top executive of

At present, the company offers wall sconces , tiffany lamps, LED lights and various other types of energy-saving and environment-friendly lights. is both a manufacturer and retailer of the products they manufacture “We do not have wholesalers taking our products to the market. This is one of the reasons why our products are so inexpensive”, said a sales officer. He also informed the press that they are gradually trying to have a larger share in the industrial lighting market in the US and abroad.

About the Company is a reputable manufacturer and seller of lighting fixtures.

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