SYZYGY officially in Poland - Local department of the international agency separated from Ars Thanea structures

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(Mynewsdesk) The SYZYGY Group has been supplying comprehensive digital marketing services since 1995. <a href="" target="_blank">Ars Thanea</a> has been functioning in its structures since 2012. In 2014 SYZYGY ( increased their shares in the agency from 26 to 70 percent. Ars Thanea decided to separate its agency structures, which from the beginning of April 2016 will function under a new name of SYZYGY. The position of the CEO of both Warsaw department of SYZYGY and Ars Thanea shall be held by Piotr Jaworowski,who will replace Bart?omiej Rozbicki. Rozbicki is now focused on managing the ATGames ( brand producing games for mobile platforms.

?We have been friends with Piotr for over 10 years. He is a known figure in the world of advertising both in Poland and abroad. Despite his young age he has outstanding professional achievements and great experience. He is also a natural leader and he knows how to listen to other people. I am convinced he is the right person in the right place.? &mdash; comments Rozbicki.

?We have been a part of the SYZYGY Group for years. As SYZYGY members we are consequently developing our competences, at the same time keeping our individual culture. Integration of the name is a formality which will simply unify communication. The department of Ars Thanea devoted to graphics and animation will stay unchanged? &mdash; says Piotr Jaworowski.

SYZYGY released its annual figures 2015 recently: Provisional figures indicate that sales increased by 21 per cent to more than EUR 57.2 million. The agency group outperformed its own forecasts and achieved its most successful year in SYZYGY?s history to date. For the current financial year, SYZYGY expects sales to increase by more than 10 per cent to at least EUR 63 million.

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Marken wie AVIS, BMW, Chanel, Daimler, KfW, Mazda, McDonalds, Miele, o2 und die Techniker Krankenkasse.

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