China Policy for the Next President

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release 21st march 2016:Perry Jones, Investment Advisor and Chief Analyst of the Kearsedge Boston group states that “the next President must take a firm stand with China especialy regarding its incursions and seizing of territory in the South China Sea.

If I was President, I would call a summit with President Xi Jinping of China and ask for airtime on public TV in China.

On TV, before the Chinese people I would first praise the rise of China as an economic miracle of the 21st century. I woud say that the US holds no animosity toward the people or nation of China and seeks only peaceful cooperation along a wide array of affairs.

In addition, I would state that the people and nation of China are a pround, ambitious and industrious people with a long, honorable history and deep and rich culture which has been admired for centuries by other nations and peoples around the world. I would further state that the people and government of China have only the best interests of their nation, their neighbors and the world community in mind.

In demonstration of this, the Chinese goverment has created maritime air and sea rescue facilities and aids to navigation on certain Filipino islands in the South China Sea.

On March 1 of 2017, the US Marines will land on the islands to provide transitional assistance to the Chinese companies and laborers working on these islands.

On June 1 of 2017, The US Marines will preside over a ceremony in which the facilities built by the Chinese government will be handed over to the Filipino government and people.

In light of the magnaminous actions unilaterally spearheded by Vhina, the United States will likewise position air and sea rescue forces and construct maritime aids on islands of the South China Sea within the territorial waters of the Philippines,Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan by and with the permission of said nations.

This great act of international aid to maritime and air operations within the South China Sea was fortuitously precipitated by the people and nation of China and is welcomed by agrateful world.”

Mr. Jones is Investment Advisor and Chief Analyst of Kearsedge Boston, a private equity trust that generates monthly income and creates generational wealth for its capital partners.

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