Honoursthesis.com integrates its separate team of research questions experts into the whole staff working for customers

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London, UK 25th March, 2016 - Honoursthesis.com has said it has integrated its separate team of research question experts into its staff. The firm says that the move is part of a comprehensive plan to reduce redundancy at the company and also improve the efficiency of its writers in the future.

Before this integration, the research question team was working independently. The writing department had to rely on its research questions to get started on the order and even though this provided very unique papers to customers, in favor of more efficiency the integration seems more necessary. However, Honoursthesis.com says that the team will work under its honors thesis development manager.

The team leader will still retain his authority and the work of the team will be done in conjunction with writers. This is expected to speed up the formulation of research questions and consequently the development of the paper. Honoursthesis.com has assured all customers looking for honors thesis proposal writing services that the expertise of its research question team and the writing department has not been lost.

The experts that used to work on either of the two teams have been retained and the biggest plus now is that customers will manage to get services delivered faster. Honoursthesis.com is growing really fast with many customers getting its honors thesis help on a regular basis.

Efficiency for such a rapidly expanding firm is a necessary thing and no one can fault the provider for its amazing step forward. The honors thesis writing done here has eclipsed all others and the quality has been so high. Honoursthesis.com will never compromise that so be sure to explore its help today. You can get more information by visiting http://www.honoursthesis.com/ today.

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Jimmie Cantrell
Email: support@honoursthesis.com

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