Protector Solar Offers New Sunscreen Protection from Damaging Sun and Prevent Serious Skin Problems

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Protector Solar Offers New Sunscreen Protection from Damaging Sun and Prevent Serious Skin Problems


Protector Solar offers new sunscreen protection to help protect the skin from the scalding, damaging sun. This new sunscreen product is designed to help user be safe under the sun and heal the skin deep down to the core. This carefully developed and research product is designed to help people in ensuring their skin is truly healthy with the help of

With the help of ultraviolet camera, it is possible to see the entire not-yet visible damages to skin brought by ultraviolet rays. At first, it may look like the skin is healthy and glowing but in truth, deep down the skin is already damaged. It is mostly freckles and all other kinds of things that most people do not realize. This is what adults skin is because they fail to protect the skin and does not realize how damaging the heat of the sun is.

But people have glowing healthy skin naturally back when they were baby, back in childhood. For the most part, people have smooth skin but it ages at different speeds for everybody and it does not help to be always under the scalding ultraviolet rays. This is where Protector Solar plays an important role of helping the skin protected from the damaging heat and keep it healthy. Protecting the skin from the heat especially these days is extremely important.

Using sunscreen protection such that of Protector Solar is very important with the problem of the earth’s atmosphere. The ultraviolet ray of the sun that comes into the earth are even more damaging than before and with it comes serious problems as well. For one, it is not only just freckles but even cause skin cancer. To stay for so long under the sun can be very harmful but sometimes it cannot be helped.

The only thing that can help to prevent the damage of sun’s heat is the use of sunscreen protection. On that note, the Protector Solar is designed with the best formulation that would help protect the skin. It is designed for everyday use that will be the first step in being sun safe. This sunscreen protection is especially designed with higher SPF so that the most sensitive skin is protected from serious damage.
With the help of Protector Solar, the skin can be effectively protected from that kind of radiation causing sunburn, skin cancer and all other skin problems. This virtually makes it possible for the user to not at all worry for extreme skin damage while at the same time ensure that the skin is healing slowly from within.

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Company: Farmacotiza, S.A. de C.V.
Address: Puebla, MEXICO
Contact Person: Lily Arellano
Phone: +52 222 558 50 57

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