to launch a separate team of editors for graduate school personal statement analysis in humanities

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 19th March, 2016 - has said that it will launch a separate team of professional editors to help with the analysis of personal statements for graduate students looking to venture into phd programs in the field of humanities and social science. says that for the last few years the focus of its service has always been based on a general approach in all areas of study but it seems the firm is now looking to specialize for the benefit of its customers. says that the team will do personal statement analysis in humanities alone and all clients with any concerns will be directed to it.
The humanities team is not the only one though. is also going to have unique teams dedicated to specific areas of study. The firm believes that this will make it easier for its editors to understand customers better and also come up with great ways to offer a personal statement critique service that actually works. notes that personal statements are very vital and at any given time the role they play for graduate admissions are indeed massive. However, the increased number of poor writers makes personal statement proofreading and critique services absolutely vital. Many customers rely on for help and launching specialized teams to handle each area of academic studies is indeed a big step.
The review my personal statement service provider is confident that the launch of the humanities and social science editing team will pave the way for other specialized experts in different areas. The provider has welcomed all interested players to come on board and make personal statement editing the best. Please check for more information on the firm and its editing help.

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